Guttenberg Housing Authority is low income and is comprised as a seven- member Board. The Mayor appoints one member and the Board of Council appoints five members. These six Housing Authority Commissioners are all appointed for five- year terms respectively. There is a seventh member who is appointed as a State Representative, by the Governor, who serves his/her term for 5 years at the discretion of the Director of the Department of Community Affairs (DCA).


As each Commissioner’s term expires, a new appointment is made for a full term of five years. Meetings are held monthly.


The Board elects a Chairperson and a Vice- Chairperson at the re-organization meeting, held in April of each year. The Executive Director of the Guttenberg Housing Authority also serves on this Board as a non-voting member with the additional title of Secretary/Treasurer. All board members are volunteers.


All management Personnel must abide by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations.


Public Housing units were built with financial assistance from the Federal Government. The Town of Guttenberg through its Mayor and Board of Council cooperates with the Local Housing Authority under an agreement to provide municipal services, for which the Local Authority pays 10% of its shelter rent less utility expenses as Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (P.I.L.O.T.).


The tenants who live in Public Housing projects are selected on a basis as prescribed by, the Congress of the United States. All tenants must meet eligibility requirements with respect to income. There is no discrimination against people of any race, color, creed, national origin, political beliefs or religion.


In selecting tenants, Disabled Veterans with service-connected disability receive preference, in accordance with the Act of Congress. Tenants are selected in chronological order according to date of application, providing they meet eligibility requirements.


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